Maria McMahon, 'The Speedy Trauma Healer' is a Certified Clinical NLP/Hypnotherapist, Coach & Author

BSc. (Psych Hons), Dip. H.E. NLP

Trauma Focused Therapist

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Specialist

Unleash Your Healing Potential: Tap into my 30+ Years of Expertise for Super-Speedy Results

I specialise in helping stressed out, busy professional women who are struggling with the emotional fallout of narcissistic abuse after divorce or separation from a narcissist. They are struggling to overcome the abuse on their own, and really want help to heal, get their life-balance back, and be happy. With NLP, Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Healing, Life Coaching & more, I provide unique, laser-focused and trauma-informed therapy to help them rapidly recover from narcissistic abuse and the resultant C-PTSD, trauma bonding, nightmares, insomnia, anxiety & other problems caused by abuse. I help you to smash through trauma with lightning speed and kick-start your healing journey!

On a personal note, I'm a mature woman, single (said NO to two marriage proposals), have lived in two long-term relationships (14 years and 7 years), both of which I ended because I did not feel the relationships were giving me what I needed. I eventually decided that I was quite happy on my own! I'm a highly-sensitive person who has learned how to not absorb other people's feelings, but I've retained the ability to feel for them in a way that's kind, compassionate and supportive.

I have strong spiritual (not religious) beliefs, and believe we are all a part of God's master plan. As such, we are all works of His art in progress, working on our soul's journey to being all-loving, fulfilled, happy beings.

I've been a vegetarian for 33 years, love all animals, and now live in Spain with my 3 rescue dogs, Levi, Skye, and Reuben. All boys, even though 'Ruby' confuses everyone with that name!


(or in groups)


This is an invitation for stressed out, busy professional women who've divorced or separated from a narcissist, and are struggling with anxiety, C-PTSD, obsessive thinking or ruminating about what has happened to them, inability to function as well in life as they know they could, and feelings of low-self worth.

They want to heal and get their life and self-worth back and protect themselves from toxic people in the future - but don’t want to spend years in therapy, talking in circles and getting absolutely nowhere.

My trauma-focused therapy methodology includes using hypnotherapy, NLP, cognitive and somatic reprocessing, inner child healing, and regression therapy, to heal even the deepest wounds.

Working with me 1-2-1 gets to the core of what’s really stopping you from healing, and we work on any/all of the following:

1. Getting crystal clear on what emotional blocks are keeping you stuck, such as:

  • Breaking trauma bonds / blocks to healing
  • Stopping flashbacks / triggers
  • Eliminating anxiety/panic attacks
  • Getting rid of nightmares/insomnia
  • Stopping the constant rumination / obsessive thinking
  • Healing aspects of C-PTSD (including childhood trauma)
  • Healing Codependency (click for the full 12-week course outline)

2. Understanding why you keep attracting these kinds of people (so that you never attract them again)

3. We will use powerful thereapeutic tools that can change the way your mind processes the memories of what happened, so that the bad feelings aren't attached to the memory anymore - so when you think of what happened, there will no longer be any emotional charge attached to it, and it doesn’t come back. It’s a bit like magic!

4. Finding where the memory resides in the body and getting rid of it using energy cleansing and healing

5. Stopping the internal audio that keeps you hearing the things the narcissist said to you, in a way that’s painless and fun!

6. Stopping the internal movies that keep you playing the painful memories over and over again – also in a way that’s painless and fun!

7. Connecting with and healing your inner child

8. Reclaiming your self-worth, confidence and personal power

9. Learning to understand your core values and why they matter

10. Understanding boundaries and how to stick to them

11. And... whatever else you need help with!

So how does it work?

At the moment I have two options to work with me, one-on-one, both of which include access to my 12-Week Healing Codependency Course:

Breakthrough Intensive Healing Therapy 45-Day Package includes:

  • Access to my 12-Week Healing Codependency Course (Click HERE for full details)
  • My two and a half-hour ‘Breakthrough Intensive’ is a foundational healing session that helps you clear out negative energy, reconnect to your higher power, heal your inner child and reclaim your self-worth. All you have to do lie back, relax, and let me - and your subconscious mind - do all the work!
  • In the second part of this session, we work on the big issue you’re struggling with, allowing you to release painful memories, trapped emotions, energy and negative thoughts that have been blocking you for months, if not years.
  • We then do 6x 60-minute follow up sessions over the coming 45 days. During these we go deeper into areas that require laser-focused healing, which usually involves regression therapy, healing chldhood/past trauma, triggers etc.

Book a free call to explore this option (investment for this option is up to $2000)

Breakthrough Intensive Healing Plus - 90-Day Package includes:

  • Access to my 12-Week Healing Codependency Course (Click to see full course programme)
  • Includes the 2 1/2 hour 'Breakthrough Intensive' as outlined above
  • 12x60 minute 1-2-1 Therapy/Coaching sessions
  • This package is best for you if you have a lot of emotional trauma in your background and you need more intensive, deeper healing and prefer more 1-2-1 support. Investment for this package is currently €4,000

Book a free call to explore this option

The best person for my programmes...

Is a successful, but stressed-out woman, who has had enough of attracting toxic people. She knows there’s a pattern there, and she’s aware, or suspects, that her upbringing is still impacting her life-choices and decisions.

She’s sick and tired of feeling emotionally wrung out, she’s tried everything, from reading books, watching videos, and even therapy – and nothing has worked - but she’s still looking for the solution that will bring her the emotional healing she needs – and FAST.

So if this sounds like you, and you’re ready for FAST results with minimal effort, then let’s have a chat! Book a call!

Book your complimentary call so that we can explore which of my packages would be right for you.

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