If you'd like to explore working with me, there are two initial options.

Before I work one-on-one with any client, it's essential that we have a chat about what's going on for you, so that we can both very very sure of what you're looking for, and whether I can help you. My clients are at different stages in their journeys, and their needs vary. Some only need a quick-fire 'Power Hour' session (see below), others need longer term support to reach their healing goals, which is why I have various packages and why the initial call is necessary to give you the clarity you need going forward.

OPTION ONE: Book a Complimentary Call

Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation, and let's have a chat about

what you are struggling with,where you want to get to,and how I can help you to

get there. This is a no-obligation, stress-free chat to see if we'd be

a good fit to work together. Click the button below to book.

OPTION TWO: Power Hour Therapy Session

If you have ONE issue that you're really stuck on, or if you'd like to see what

it's like actually working with me, then the Power Hour is a great choice.

This is a heavily-discounted, one-off session and can only be booked once.

Click the button to learn more about how these work.

Fees & Packages

I've become known as 'The Speedy Trauma Healer' because of how fast I can get results for my clients,

I've been called a 'miracle worker' and a 'magician' many times, and much as I'm very flattered that my clients say such lovely things to me, the truth is, there is no miracle or magic to what I do - though it can feel like it! I use techniques that understand how your subconscious works, how your mind processes and stores memories, and how your body stores energy, and when we work with those techniques, you can get outrageously fast results in a very short amount of time.

But of course, deeper healing of buried trauma takes longer, but even childhood trauma, and years of toxic relationships, can be healed in FAR less time than you would believe, when you have a different level of understanding of how to heal these wounds. You have amazing healing powers within YOU!

I typically work with clients 1-2-1 with either my 45 or 90 day packages, and the investment range for my packages is €1500-4000 Euros, (depending on whether the package includes my 12-Week Healing Codependency Course, with support from me throughout the duration of the course) but the Power Hour is just €97/$105 for a 'taster' session, and will give you a great opportunity to see what it would be like to work with me and literally see and FEEL the results for yourself.

From there, if you want to do further work with me, together we determine which of my packages would be the best for you.

I also have some group sessions that I run (more budget-friendly options) so if you are interested in those, please email mariamcmahoncoach@gmail.com to join my waiting list.

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