I'm known as the 'Speedy Trauma Healer' because I can get really FAST results for my clients.

If you have ONE issue that you're really stuck on, (that could be trauma bonding, flashbacks, anxiety attacks and so on), and you are really struggling with, I can take you through you one of my many healing processes to heal, release and change that memory so that it no longer causes you distress.

Or, perhaps you'd like to see what it's like actually working with me, and see what results are possible for you in a very short time. In that case, the Power Hour Therapy Session is a great choice. This is a heavily-discounted, one-off session and can only be booked once.

So why not book a Power Hour session with me, and let me show you how I can help you to smash through trauma with lightning speed and kick start your journey to healing from narcissistic abuse.

What my clients have to say about my Power Hour session*

A.C., England

‘One of the best trauma healers ever!'

‘Such a pleasure to work with a true “expert coach!” True experts are rare, few and far between but Maria fits the bill! She is literally AMAAAZING - one of the best narcissistic abuse trauma healers I have ever met!

What a fabulous session! Thank you! I don’t need to go back anymore – I don’t feel that desperate anxiety feeling. It’s just… GONE!’

P.R., US

‘No more waves of nausea!’

‘Every time I thought of one particular situation that was so traumatising for me, I got a wave of nausea washing over me. I’ve tried loads of therapy to help but that memory just wouldn’t shift. I really thought you were going to fail me too, but you didn’t. I’m impressed, and what was even more surprising was that I didn’t even have to tell you a single detail about the actual trauma. I have no idea how or why what you did was so effective, but it was!’

S.D., England

‘I was REALLY sceptical about your claims'

‘I was REALLY sceptical about your claims, but I thought it was worth a try, given that you actually guaranteed that if it didn’t help massively, you’d refund me! Nothing to lose, right? Well, did I ever have to eat humble pie! The session was not only really pain-LESS, it was hilarious. Every time I think about it now, all I want to do is laugh, as the memory you helped me erase has been replaced with a new, funny one! I’m SO grateful Maria! Thank you!

C.L., US

'It actually makes me cry with relief!'

‘I have to honestly say that the events that made my stress level go up don't matter anymore. Since that session, I haven’t obsessed about anything anymore. I am so grateful and shocked that it worked so fast. I didn’t think it would be that easy to fix! I tried to explain to my best friend how it just seems to have erased everything - like all those feelings of stress and things that really bothered me in the relationship don't even matter anymore! Somehow it's just gone! It actually makes me cry with relief!'

R.K., Finalnd

'Wow. Wow. Wow!'

'I can’t believe that you helped me break the trauma bond in such a short time, and I’ve struggled for years to get this person out of my head. The desire to go back has completely vanished! I’m blown away!’ Evan now, weeks after the session, I just feel indifferent when I think of the NEX. All I can say is wow, wow, wow!'

R.Y.C., US

‘Powerful Results’

‘This is awesome! I have not felt relief like this for a long time! I’ve gone from anxiety and stress level 8 to almost zero! I feel like my old self again. This session was very powerful and I was very surprised by the results.

Thank you so much Maria..... she is definitely worth consulting because she knows her stuff.’

* Testimonials are all genuine but images are models. Images courtesy of Pixabay and stocksnap..io

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