If you're divorced/separated from a toxic person and you're struggling to heal

from narcissistic abuse, trauma, cPTSD and anxiety...

If you're ready to STOP suffering and START healing...

then I have an amazingly powerful

FREE eBook for you, that’s going to help you do exactly that!

This book contains everything you need to kick-start your journey to healing from narcissistic abuse, trauma and toxic relationships.

Ask yourself now, how would it feel to be happy again? To be at peace, to live life with balance and harmony,

to let go of all the painful memories and free your spirit to live in joy?

Let me share a SECRET with you: It's easier than you think.

It’s just a matter of knowing the secrets to kick-start that healing you so desperately need!

DO any of these statements resonate with you?

  • I’m sick of the crazy-making relationships and I need it to stop!
  • I feel as if I’m living in permanent emotional crisis
  • I’m going out of my mind! I can’t think clearly anymore
  • I’m feeling broken
  • Am I the crazy one here?
  • It’s all my fault!
  • Am I the narcissist?

And are you...

  • Suffering with anxiety, depression, no self-confidence
  • Struggling with trauma bonding, flashbacks, triggers. C-PTSD, insomnia
  • Sick and tired of being hurt, manipulated and controlled
  • Sick and tired feeling shame and guilt
  • Desperate to find a way to heal the pain in your mind, body and spirit
  • Certain this is NOT how you're meant to be living your life
  • Tired of suffering and attracting toxic people

But now, you are READY TO...

  • Start understanding why you attracted a narcissist
  • Get clear on where you're at now and what your personal healing goals are
  • Establish an amazing, authentic connection to who you truly are
  • Stop being a doormat, people-pleaser and start caring for yourself
  • Understand emotional pain in a way you have never considered before
  • Begin to heal from the past, love yourself deeply, and start feeling joy again
  • Harness YOUR inner power to heal & reawaken your creativity and passion for life
  • Start healing fast and begin reclaiming your self-worth and confidence
  • Finally know that there IS a way out of the emotional prison of narcissistic abuse, and that YOU hold the key




Understanding Narcissistic Abuse

How to use the book to get the best results, the fundamental of narcissistic abuse, how to use the accompanying Workbook and the Guided Meditation MP3s that come with this book.

I explain in simple terms, the symptoms of abuse, and why understanding these is vital for your healing. I’m also sharing how you can get clear on where you are now, what your healing goals are, and what might be holding you back from achieving those goals. I also talk about the importance of self-worth and self-love, the cornerstones of true healing.


Effects of Abuse & Healing Goals

To help you to get very clear on the effects of abuse, where you are now, in terms of how the abuse has affected you, so that you can get a very clear picture of how that is for you, and from there, you can determine your healing goals.

I also help you get clear on whether the person you were or are dealing with IS likely to be a narcissist, and whether YOU are the narcissist.

A word to the wise here - it's highly unlikely that you are, but a lot of my clients have absolutely needed clarity on this point!


The Top 10 Healing Shifts

These simple but powerful tips will help you to completely shift your perspective and understand what it takes to heal - in weeks, not years.

The healing begins the moment you pick this book up, and make that commitment to yourself that you've had enough of the emotional battery, and you're ready to start taking back your power.

The power to heal is IN YOU, and this book will help you reconnect to that awesome power.



Healing Techniques

I’m sharing some incredible healing techniques and exercises to carry out yourself, so that you can start healing immediately!

These techniques will help you learn how to:

> Reprogramme your subconscious mind to rewrite the script and start crafting the life you want to live from now on

> Integrate the energies of your mind, body, spirit and heart to let go of the guilt, self-blame and shame

> Connect with and heal your inner child

> Stop ruminating and obsessive thinking

> Release emotional pain

> And much more…



This book comes with a simple workbook to help you get very clear on the narcissist’s behavioural traits, the abuse you’ve suffered, how to prioritise your healing goals, and how to get rid of any doubts about YOU being the narcissist,

Guided Meditations

This book comes with 3x Guided Meditations that I've recorded especially for you.

Basic Meditation

Relaxation & Self-Love

Healing the Inner Child

BONUS! An Extra Special Healing MP3 Gift for you

BONUS: An Extra Special Healing MP3 Gift for you

A Special Gift for you!

I'm also including this very special healing MP3* for you, which is one of my multi-layered creations! I’ve long been a massive fan of brainwave entrainment and hypnosis meditations, and some years ago I created a very special process called ‘Cogni-Fusion’. which is a process of layering multiple tracks over each other, to give a more immerisive experience that makes self-sabotage much more difficult. So I am including a special gift from my Cogni-Fusion collection as this is one of my favourite, most powerful healing MP3 recordings.

4-Layer Cogni-Fusion Healing Meditation

When you need emotional or physical healing, this soothing recording takes you into a deeply relaxing trance, with both music and hypnotic induction, then soothes further with dual voice (male and female) suggestions for healing. This meditation works equally well with both physical and emotional pain and its multi-levels will give both your conscious and sub-conscious plenty to focus on, shifting the focus away from your pain.

This 4-layer recording is Ideal for:

> Relieving physical or emotional pain

> Strengthening your immune system

> Programming your mind with healing thoughts

Running time: 40 Minutes

Listen with headphones, when you can relax, and not whilst driving or doing any thing that requires focused attention.


“I am just overwhelmed at how much it has helped me already! I’m quickly becoming your biggest fan! I wanted to take my life on Dec 8th which was my 38th birthday, and now reading through and understanding what I have to do is key. I have been writing notes of great points in each chapter and my hope has come a long way from simply understanding from an educated perspective, what exactly I’m dealing with. It’s saving my bacon, in a very real way! The education offered in your book should be used as protocol for court, therapists and the like. Each chapter and the checklists are equally important and factual. This information has surpassed my country’s mental health’s ability to provide information on the subject of this type of abuse. This information helps me believe that there is a point, someone has listened and someone knows what this is. We have a clear picture now of who these people are and how we can protect ourselves and our children as much as possible. The information will also help me so much to help others who don’t understand.”

J.Y., Narcissistic Abuse Survivor, Canada.

"I love the enthusiasm and hope this book arouses. I like how it feels like a knowledgeable friend instead of someone you cannot connect with or someone who is talking down to you. It's quite the opposite. It's very uplifting."

S.M., Narcissistic Abuse Survivor , US

“I think your book is great! It is so easy to read and understand. It is also extremely validating as someone who has endured narcissistic abuse, because quite often texts aren’t validating for those of us who have endured it. I think this ebook was so easy to follow and just truly factual for how narcissists work and operate and how it can cause ruin in your life. Congratulations on getting this important work out into the world! It is essential!!!!”

A.K., Narcissistic Abuse Survivor, US

I think it is fantastic. I think it can really help me and I can refer to it in moments of weakness or times when life throws you a curveball and you have an unexpected situation with your narc. The ’Shrink’ Technique is brilliant! I wanted to add - the more I read your book, the more insights I have, thank you so much for that. Your book is really an ally in the journey to healing. The excel spreadsheet is really useful. Just reading through it I could identify with so many things - it really - for lack of better words - blows your mind away. Wow! I wish I had access to you and your messages a few years ago when in such pain and suffering. At least I have found you (and your book) on the internet now. I wish one could discuss your book over a glass of something magnificient! Wishing you all the best with your book and the impact it will have on helping others like me.

I.H., Narcissistic Abuse Survivor, South Africa

Meet Maria McMahon, The Speedy Trauma Healer

Hi, I'm Maria McMahon, aka the Speedy Trauma Healer - and that's because I help my clients to get really FAST results

when they work with me.

I work with smart, busy professional women who are divorced, separated from a narcissist,

to help them heal on multiple levels - cognitive, somatic and spiritual,

because you can't heal one area without healing the others!

I am passionate about helping women to heal and live happier lives, and I firmly believe that it does NOT have

to take years to heal from trauma. I've proven it many many times!

Qualifications & Training

British Certified Therapist in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Psychotherapy & NLP

Certified Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

BSc. Honours Degree in Psychology

Trauma informed/trained

Author of: The Top 50 Red Flags of Romantic Predators: How to Avoid the Narcissist’s Trap

Author of multiple books on self-help & spirituality

30+ years of studying/practising various healing modalities

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