What is a 'Somatic' Narcissist? 4 Red Flags!

What is a 'Somatic' Narcissist? 4 Red Flags!

Somatic Narcissists are all about the physical. Appearance is everything. They want to look good, and usually want to have someone who looks equally good, on their arm. A trophy, as it were. Somatics flaunt their sex appeal, sensual/sexual prowess, and gorgeous bodies. They’ll frequently brag about how many times people eye them up, chat them up, flirt with them, and even sleep with them. Basically, they have a ‘kiss and tell all’ policy for anyone who will listen. And if your Somatic also happens to be highly intelligent, he could also be a Cerebral Narcissist… so you can just imagine what an insufferable person this could really be.

However, because they look so good, and can be extremely charming, they have no trouble picking up their targets. They’re experts at reeling you in. Unless you know what to look for.

So, a few ‘Red Flags’ to watch out for are:

1. Excessive concern or obsession about their appearance.

They are constantly primping and preening themselves, and are usually spotless and immaculate, and very well turned out.

They spend a lot of time at the gym. Nothing wrong with that, but if this is one of their traits among others here, watch out. The gym is an excellent place for them to legitimately flaunt their bodies. Fake tan and oil, anyone? All of these traits can be summed up in one simple word: Vanity. Somatics are extremely vain people.

2. Materialistic

Somatics are very materialistic and need status symbols to flaunt their greatness. They like to wear high-end clothing and designer products. They drive expensive cars and live in posh neighbourhoods, even if it puts them into huge debt. Remember, appearance is everything to them.

3. Hypersexuality

Sex is used as a tool to capture and ensnare you in a way no other method can. And they are good at it. They know how to push your hot buttons and give you the best sex of your life. What you don’t, and can’t know, is that they are emotionally detached, even in the seeming throes of passion.

4. Self-Absorbed

Remember they are all about themselves, right, so every conversation is likely to be about them. They have a high sense of self-entitlement and hold such grandiose ideas about themselves, that you should sit listening in abject fascination, to everything that comes out of their mouths. Yet anything you say is brushed off, ignored, or you get only a cursory response and with lightning speed, the conversation loops right back to them. Marvellous, aren’t they?

So if you meet a man (or woman!) who exhibits all these traits, watch out, watch like a hawk, in fact, and leave them before things get really started. Because the further into the relationship you get, the harder it will be to break out and the more damage they will do to you.

If you need more help and support in understanding and recovering from Narcissistic Abuse, check out my contact page.

  • Maria McMahon
  • 17.06.2019
  • Somatic Narcissist

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