About Me


I am a Clinical NLP/ Hypnotherapist and Personal Development Coach and I’ve dedicated my life to helping people achieve remarkable personal transformation through my groundbreaking 'Cogni-Fusion' Technology Coaching and digital download Programs. My life's mission is to empower people to create extraordinary lives by overcoming limiting beliefs, eliminating negative mental blocks and reprogramming their minds for unlimited success.

Levi 1

My rescue dog, Levi

Front Terrace

My home in Spain

My local beach

My local beach

I believe that everyone has the ability, and deserves, to live the life they desire and with the help of my amazing new Cogni-Fusion mind expansion technology, turn their obstacles into opportunities for personal growth.


In 2013, I left a 6-figure international corporate career and began to develop a new technology that started delivering powerful change in both the subconscious and conscious minds of friends and family who were the first to experience my experiments with these never before tried methods of audio therapy. The results were so successful that my new technology is set to become the 'benchmark' standard in brainwave enhancement and I’m really excited about that prospect, because this technology really works!


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maria's books

Dubai, my previous home

Hiking in Andalucia, Spain

Just a few of my books...

My Mind Expansion Programs nurture you to dig deep inside yourself to learn about what is really holding you back, and when you do, with the help of Cogni-Fusion Programs and Coaching, I promise you will see amazing and fast results in your life.


I’ve always loved travel and international culture, and over the last 30 years I’ve lived in Germany, London, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Azerbaijan, but I recently moved to Spain to be closer to my family. I’m an animal lover, vegetarian, and my interests are personal development, writing, reading, nature, walking (and I’ve recently starting hiking in the beautiful trails to be found in Andalucia), spirituality, cosmic consciousness, and I’m passionate about learning and growing myself. I think everyone should be too. We should never stop learning.


I share my views of the Mediterranean from my home with my dog Levi, a Labrador German Shepherd Cross that I rescued from K9 Friends in Dubai. We enjoy twice-daily walks on the beach close to our home. Life is great! I want your life to be great too!